Tarot is a great tool if you want to shed light on different aspects of your life or if you need some guidance in specific situations. This applies to both the past, present and future. The cards can also give you good alternative angles in different areas and often make it easier to get a greater overall perspective if you feel that you are a bit "stuck". I find that the Tarot cards often help to both provide clear answers to specific questions the client may have and/or shed light on situations that the client needs to work on more.

Tarot has had a bit of a fringe reputation throughout the ages and also belongs to one of the alternative areas that has been characterized by both mystery and often a little darkness. I can put my hand on my heart with certainty and promise you that it is completely safe to have Tarot session! I have had slightly nervous clients with sweaty palms who have been afraid that cards of Death, the Devil and Judgment will appear to predict both death, corruption and the end of the earth... This is never the case - and in any case it's not the correct interpretation of these cards.
What pleases me the most is that in all cases, the person concerned has gone home after the end of the session both lighter in mind and with a new perception of how to work with Tarot cards in a safe and good way. That's exactly why these cards are one of my favorite tools!

A Tarot guide consists of several readings and lasts an average of 60 minutes. This costs NOK. 850,-
I also offer combination lessons (75 min.) with healing and tarot. This costs NOK 1,050,-
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