I have worked with energies for as long as I can remember. I have always known that I could help others in various ways, and through growing up I also saw things that others did not see. As a child and young person, that was quite challenging. As an adult, I attended a REIKI course and this was the start of my way out of the "healer closet". I finally learned how to help in a healthy way - without taking over other people's challenges and problems. Since then, I have continued to develop myself through several different courses, practiced the lessons to the best of my ability and finally found my way of working.

I feel it is important to try to de-mystify many of the myths surrounding alternative treatments. Even if some of us are born with what we have chosen to call "special gifts", this does not mean that only a specially chosen few can work with healing. The energies are available there for all of us and can be used - to a greater or lesser extent.

The purpose of healing does not necessarily have to be healing, but just as often the improvement of quality of life or self-development.
A session lasts on average 60 minutes and costs NOK. 850,-
I also offer combination sessions (75 min.) with healing and tarot. This costs NOK. 1,050,-
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